The CraftBud Alliance was created to give a voice to the growers, consumers, retailers and distributors, along with creatives such as artists, authors, comedians, actors and musicians, who feel that the current distribution of cannabis unfairly limits the supply chain from being a reasonable path from farm (grower) to table (consumer).

As a Cannabis advocate for 50 years, CBA CEO Gary Sohmers has used cannabis for medical purposes since he was a teenager using it to control intense migraines, but also as a musician and producer using cannabis for creative expression.  Those who have worked around Mr. Sohmers are amazed by his knowledge and expertise in numerous fields, as he appeared for 13 seasons on the PBS TV show “Antiques Roadshow” as an expert in Popular Culture, and currently does appraisals, along with buying and selling collectibles and producing NorthEast ComicCon twice a year.

With some guidance from consulting firm PnR Strategies principals Chris Pagel and Rhiannon Snyder formerly of Reliable Bud, CBA took shape to serve its mission statement, level the playing field, and create special BYOC events that are a step above the events currently available elsewhere.

We hope to earn the respect of consumers, politicians and cannabis business people to allow us to represent our mission, produce quality events and encourage positive change that will help evolve our cannabis community by aggregating the right minds, ideas and make positive change in the marketplace.