The Terms of Joining CBA:

In order to join the CraftBud Alliance, you must be 21 (twenty one) years of age. By joining you agree to all the terms and conditions of becoming a member and any new terms, conditions or rules added in order to make the CBA a healthy organization doing good for the community. Membership is an annual fee that entitles the member to participate in CBA activities, including Private events, concerts, conferences and community events. No one can bring a non-member to a CBA Private event, and by doing so could cause the member to have their membership revoked. No one is allowed on Private events property unless they are a registered member of the CBA. Membership fees are varied and definitions of the different membership levels will be listed on the application to join CBA. Everyone must fill out an application. We do not share the names or emails with sponsors, employees or government officials as our community members privacy is as important as our mission.